Does BlendWiz.me charge any fees?

BlendWiz.me doesn’t take any fee from the blender or the traveler. The payment goes directly to the traveler.

How do I use this website?

BlendWiz.Me connects between local people (Blenders) and travelers. For travelers, the website offers an opportunity to get a different view of their destination city by blending in with local people and activities finding the best scene around, scenes that fits them. For the blenders (locals), the website offers an opportunity to meet new and interesting  people from around the world and share their passion and their home town.


If you are a traveler, you can just browse the activity market in your destination city, find a nice activity that  you wish to join, contact the blender which offers this activity and start blending in.


If you are a local who wish to share its knowledge or passion, just read the next question to find out more.

What does BlendWiz.Me mean for Travelers?

Often time’s travelers (business and leisure) find themselves in a new city, which they hardly know, and although the internet contains huge amounts of information, travelers often wish they had someone local to show them around and provide them with firsthand useful information about what to do, where to go, where to eat and much more. Travelers are also keen on getting to know new people and cultures. In BlendWith.Me, travelers will find local people, which for a very small hourly fee, will show them around, provide local advice and help them to Blend In – just like locals do…

We name these locals – Blenders, as they help travelers blend in.

How do I become a Blender?

If you like meeting interesting people from around the world and sharing your knowledge and passion about your home town, then this might be the thing for you.

As a Blender, you will need to offer some kind of activity for travelers. It can be just a tour in your neighborhood, a culinary tour in the local market, or a cycling tour in the park. Travelers from around the world can contact you through your profile and ask to join you in your activity.

You can offer your activity for free, charge just a nominal fee, or even take this as an opportunity to make a buck and charge like a professional tour guide.

How do I contact a blender?

You send him/ her a message by click on the orange contact me button. You have to make sure he is available at the dates you want, and to check if his activity is optional at those dates.

Blending process

I am a Blender. What type of information do I need to get from travelers before an activity?

We recommend to swap phone numbers while making the arrangements for the meeting. Set up a date, time and exact location (use Google maps). Make sure to have something that will identify you, and also that you can recognize your traveler. Furthermore, if your activity demands special kind of physical state, please make sure to let the traveler know.

As a blender do I get paid directly from the travelers?

We recommend to take the payment at the end of the activity, depends on the activity type..This decision is completely up to you. The payment will be done at the day of the activity, and will be paid directly to you. Blendwiz.me is a social tourism platform and was made for the people.

Insurance / Emergencies

Am I insured during the activity time?


Travel insurance protects the financial investment in a trip, including lost baggage and trip cancellation. Depending on the policy, this type of insurance may or may not cover medical expenses abroad, so travelers need to carefully research the coverage offered to determine if additional travel health and medical evacuation insurance is needed.

BlendWiz.Me will not be held liable for any injuries or equipment lose/ damage of any kind. Hence we urge travelers to make sure they are properly insured for any activity they choose to take.

Members issues

Does the blender have to provide a full activity plan to the traveler?

No. Before signing up for an activity, travelers can chat freely with blenders and get all the information they wish. We urge travelers to ask as many questions regarding the activity so there will be no surprises. We recommend to speak directly with the blenders via Skype / mobile / or email conversation for fully detailed information.

I am a traveler. Can I pay directly to the blender after the activity?

Yes. BlendWiz.me is for the people. We don’t charge any fee form the blender or the traveler. You can choose to pay at the beginning of the activity or at the end.

I was waiting for my traveler/ blender to show up for an activity, but he/ she didn’t show up. What can I do?

Before you meet up with a traveler/ blender, make sure you have his/her cell phone number, so in case this happens, you can reach them via Facebook. What’s Up, or Skype and even an SMS.

Moreover, when you set up the meeting, make sure you both understand exactly where to meet and that there is no miscommunication. Regarding the place & time.


How do i recommend a Blender?

You can recommend the blender by using the reviews on the blender’s page. Your comments are very important to us, as they will help other traveler’s make a better choice when choosing a blender.

Is blendwiz.me a trusted service?

The BlendWIth.Me team is committed to try and contact each and every blender as they signed up. We ask many questions and try to establish credibility. Nevertheless, our method of verifying  blenders is not foolproof and so we do encourage travelers to use their common sense before meeting up with blenders and vice versa.

Reporting an issue

How do I report a problem?

In any given time you can contact us and we will try to solve the problem ASAP. We can be contact through the contact us form or via mail: info@blendwiz.me

I met a blender who I think doesn’t fit BlendWiz.me

Please make sure to add a review on his blender’s page and contact us directly with detailed information.  If you were deeply disappointed from the experience, got offended by the blender, or experienced any kind of abuse,  please notify us and we will get th blender blacklisted.

The blender was asking me for extra money

Incase the activity is getting longer then excepted or additional stuff are being added, it’s a matter to you & the blender to discuss for any changes. Never the less 3rd parties such as theaters, museums, coffee bars etc are not included in the fee the blenders are asking for.

I met a blender for activity and he didn’t do as promised. What can I do?

Every once in a while it happens that a blender did not meet the traveler’s expectations, or did not do the exact activity you agreed upon. If this happens, don’t worry, just contact us not later than 72 hours from the moment the activity ended, and we will reimburse you and we will make sure to remove the blender from our site.